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  • AcuCloud

    Facility Energy Metering Platform

  • AcuBilling

    Utility Billing Management Solution

  • AXM-IO1

    Acuvim II Digitial Input, Relay Module


    Acuvim II Profibus Module

  • AXM-RS485

    Acuvim II Modbus-RTU via RS485 Module

  • AXM-WEB2

    Acuvim II WIFI Ethernet Module


    Acuvim II Fiber Optics WiFi Ethernet Module

Accuenergy Product Feature | AcuCT Hinged Series

Designed for easy installation in branch circuits and
available in a variety of sizes and input ratings.

  • Quick & simple install with hinged clip
  • Safe mV secondary output
  • 5A - 630A AC current input range
  • 0.5% accuracy from 10-120% of rated current
  • UL recognized
AcuCT-Flex Series CTs

AcuCT-Flex Series CTs

High specification line of flexible AC current transformers for power metering, power quality and general use when space is limited.

AcuCT-R Series

Our highest accuracy premium split-core current transformer features a unique press-open hinge so its simpler and faster to install.

AcuCT mV Series

Compact & light-weight line of conventional 333mV output split core current transformers for general panel/device monitoring.

AcuCT 5A Series

Light-weight and compact 5A industrial standard split core CT with high accuracy for general use.

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Accuenergy manufactures and designs industrial power and energy meter solutions. This also includes a variety of current transformers, hall effect sensors, energy management software, data acquisition communications devices, and much more.

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