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    Facility Energy Metering Platform

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    Utility Billing Management Solution


    Communication Expansion Module


    Communication Expansion Module

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    Digital/Analog I/O Module


    Communication Expansion Module

  • AXM-RS485

    Communication Expansion Module


    Ethernet Module for Acuvim II Meter

Accuenergy Product Feature | AcuDC 240 Series

AcuDC 240 Series

Meter and monitor DC circuits, specially designed for integration with renewable energy systems including wind turbines, solar arrays, and electric vehicle charging stations.

  • DC power system metering
  • Monitor and control power switches
  • Alarming and analog output
  • Three line high-definition LCD display
  • Accessible with SCADA, PLC systems
  • Standard 72x72mm, allows for drawer type panel installation
  • Easy installation, simple wiring
  • Data Logging: Offers 3 assignable historical logs where the all of the metering parameters can be recorded.
  • The onboard memory is up to 4 MB and each log size is adjustable.
Solar Array

Monitor the power produced directly from the solar array

Real time power metering of EV motors charge station

Meter the production and effectiveness of wind generated energy

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Accuenergy specializes in industrial power and energy meter solutions. This includes a variety of current transformer options, energy meter software and more.

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