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Accuenergy Product Feature | AcuRev 1310 Series

AcuRev 1310 Series

Combines high performance with easy integration to provide a cost-effective power and energy monitoring solution.

  • Revenue grade accuracy: ANSI C12.20 0.5 Class
  • Measurement Canada approved
  • Tamper-proof sealing design approved for revenue applications
  • Wide voltage measurement range, directly measure up to 690V
  • Multiple CT Input Options compatible with any Current Transformers
  • Auto-Wiring check to verify correct installation
  • Ideal for in-suite metering, multi-tenants metering system and OEM measurement solution
  • Built-in Modbus and Pulse Output
  • SunSpec compliance
Current Transformers Accuenergy

Capable of Four Current Transformer Input

Accuenergy AcuRev 1310

Auto phase check to check most common wiring mistakes

NEMA4X Wall-mount

Optional NEMA4X Wall-mount Enclosure available

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