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    Communication Expansion Module

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    Communication Expansion Module


    Ethernet Module for Acuvim II Meter

Product Feature | AXM-WEB 2 Feature Updates

We continue to add industry-leading communication options for Acuvim II series power meter with the AXM-WEB2 dual ethernet ports module.

New features include:

Daisy-chain support via ethernet ports, multiple meters can be networked together using a single ethernet output. RSTP protocol is supported.

WiFi communication now supports WPA2 Enterprise security protocol . Acuvim II can be connected to any facilities’ WiFi network with enterprise-grade authentication.

Access your Acuvim II power meter anywhere at

AXM-WEB2 allow users to access Acuvim II’s web panel remotely without the need for IP and port forwarding or open up firewall with new remote access feature.

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Easy plug-in modules enables Acuvim II to speak differnet protocols plus more


Optional DIN rail mount transducer form factor for system integration

Built-in web server provides multi-platform access

Access meter data from anywhere with AcuCloud facility metering platform

Panel mount meter also available to mount on DIN-rail

All-in-one plug n’ play pre-wired panel enclosure for Acuvim II

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Accuenergy specializes in industrial power and energy meter solutions. This includes a variety of current transformer options, energy meter software and more.

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