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RIK 24″ 5A Rogowski Three Phase Integrator Kit

$816.00 USD

Model: RIK24-5A

Rogowski Coil Integrator Kit: three phase 0-5A output 2.5 to 60000A current measurement range with 7 field-configurable CT ratios.

This kit includes 3 RCT24 24 inch Rogowski coils with one three phase 5A integrator and 100-240Vac Power Supply.

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Key Features

  • Flexible rope-like current sensor, designed to easily fit into panels or busbars where space may be limited
  • 0-5A rated output that works with any power meter or equipment with 5A nominal current transformer input
  • Current sensing range from 2.5A to 50,000A to fit all systems
  • Field-configurable CT ratios: 500A, 1kA, 2.5kA, 5kA, 10kA, 25kA, 50kA
  • Individual CT ratios can be configured for each channel. Works in any single phase application with different current ratings
  • Works in both 50Hz and 60Hz systems

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